Couple bubbles are a means to secure and protect a committed relationship based on principles of mutuality, fairness, justice, and sensitivity. Partners who create a couple bubble always put each other’s well-being above all else. This makes it easier to face the world together, repair any injuries that happen, and manage each other’s highs and lows.

People in secure-functioning relationships make better partners, friends, parents, and members of society. Our mission is to make the tools and resources for building secure-functioning relationships available to couples and individuals around the world, and to the therapists who treat them. You can read more about couple bubbles in Wired for Love, by Dr. Stan Tatkin.

The PACT Institute’s Couple Bubble Campaign is our newest initiative to make secure-functioning relationships and couple bubbles the norm. We enjoy nothing more than hearing stories about couples who have found joy and solace in their relationships. Here’s your opportunity to join the movement. Submit your story today for a chance to be featured on CoupleBubble.com.


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